Dr Neil Stanley Independent Sleep Expert
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Size really does matter A standard UK double bed is 4 ft 6 ins wide which means you and your bed partner each have 2 ft 3 ins of space. However the single bed that you had as a child was either 2 ft 6 ins or 3ft, which means as an adult you have actually got either 3 ins or 9 ins less space to sleep in than you child. Your child shares their bed with a ‘glow in the dark’ teletubbie. You however share you bed with a kicking, punching, farting, snoring, duvet hogger and you wonder why you are not sleeping well. It is a Hollywood myth that you can actually fall asleep in each other’s arms, we all know that this does not happen. After 5 minutes cuddling you start getting uncomfortable or get pins and needles and so you say ‘right I’m going to sleep now’ and then you move to the opposite sides of the bed and never the twain will meet! People say it’s nice to know that there partner is next to them during the night and yes some people need the reassurance that their partners presence provides but the simple fact is that if you actually know your partner is next to you then you are awake, because when you are asleep you are unconscious. So one of the easiest ways of getting a better night’s sleep is to get a bed that’s more than 4 ft 6 ins wide, essentially get a bed as big as you can possibly fit into your bedroom.