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Who am I?

I have been involved in sleep research for more than 34 years. I started my career at the  Neurosciences Division of the R.A.F. Institute of  Aviation Medicine where I worked for nearly 10  years. I then moved to the Human  Psychopharmacology Research Unit (HPRU), part  of the University of Surrey, where as Director of  Sleep Research, I created and ran a 24 bed sleep laboratory designed for clinical trials.


I now spend most of my time travelling the UK and abroad lecturing on various aspects of sleep to healthcare professionals, companies and members of the public.


I received my PhD from the University of Surrey on the basis of my published works in 2004


I have published 38 peer-review papers on various aspects of sleep research and psychopharmacology and I am widely quoted by the UK and international media as a sleep expert.


Professional Membership:


· European Sleep Research Society

· American Academy of Sleep Medicine

· British Sleep Society  (Chairman 2000-2004, Committee member 1998-2000)

· European Society of Sleep Technologists.



In an effort to spread the message that sleep is vitally important to our physical, mental and emotional health I spend much of my time lecturing to audiences of health care professionals, often for Pharmaceutical companies, and lay people in the UK and overseas. I have been described as an informative and entertaining speaker and have even been described as “inspirational”. I am happy lecturing to any audience about any aspect of sleep to any audience, large or small.

Example lectures

· Neuropathic pain and Sleep

· Back pain and Sleep

· Nocturia and Sleep

· Overactive Bladder and Sleep

· Fibromyalgia and Sleep

· Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Sleep

· Depression and Sleep

· Dementia and Sleep

· Chronic diseases and sleep

· The assessment of the sleepy patient

· The management of the sleepy patient

· COPD and sleep

· The Heart and sleep

· Learning difficulties and sleep

· Violence during sleep

· Pharmacological treatment of sleep disorders

· Non-pharmacological treatment of sleep disorders

· The development of new medicines for sleep

· The importance of sleep (for schools)

· The importance of sleep (for bed and bedding manufacturers)

· The importance of sleep (for industry Health and Safety)

· Children/teenagers and sleep (Parents, teachers, students)



I have worked with a wide range of corporate clients as a consultant providing honest, unbiased and insightful help with; drug development, product development, clinical trials design, consumer messages and public relations.

* Evotec * Sanofi-Aventis * Astellas * Ferring * Lunbeck * BOC * Pfizer * Takeda * Boots * GSK * Passion for Life * Soothsoft * We Love Sleep * Lightsleeper


I have worked with numerous PR companies to provide sleep expertise for product messaging for brands such as:-


Vispring * Department of Transport * Chessington World of Adventures * Disney (Sleeping Beauty DVD) * Horlicks * Nytol * British Cheese Council * The Sleep Council * Snoreeze * Crampex * Norwich Theatre Royal (Northern Ballet A Midsummer's night Dream) * The Sleep Council (read, read) * Hillary's Blinds

I have been involved with several TV production companies in developing programmes about various aspects of sleep.


NB although you may see my name on numerous websites I DO NOT endorse any of the products on these websites nor do I vouch for their effectiveness or quality.



Contact Dr. Neil Stanley



Initially please e-mail me,, I will then send you my contact number. NB I am available 24/7 to give interviews.


Pharmaceutical companies, Healthcare companies, charities, schools, universities, hospitals, scientific and medical societies, solicitors, PR agencies, sports teams, Athletes, Companies, TV production companies, etc.


If you would like to book me for a lecture, engage me as a consultant or want my advice on any aspect of sleep please e-mail me




Regrettably I am unable to give individual advice or help to members of the public, so I would kindly ask that you please do not write to me.


Pharmaceutical Companies—Drug Development


 If you have a drug in development in the sleep/wake field then:-

· Do you want someone who will design the most efficient, cost-effective, scientifically valid study rather than someone who tries to put in as much ‘science’ in the study so that they appear clever?

· Do you want someone who will design the best study from a drug development perspective rather than designing one around their ‘expertise’ or ‘interest’?

· Do you want someone who is independent and therefore will give you unbiased advice right from the start, regardless of where the next advisory board meeting is held or how much the honorarium?

· Do you want someone who has actually run hundreds of clinical trials on a day to day basis to advise you about how practical it is to run a protocol?

· Do you want someone who designed and successfully executed a 10-way crossover design trial with 9 different formulations of the same hypnotic drug?

· Do you want someone who feels your time would be better spent not having a 3 hour discussion at an advisory board meeting concerning what ‘5 cups of coffee a day’ really means

· An most importantly, do you want a someone who appreciates that if your drug has a novel mode of action that it might need innovative study designs rather than advising you to develop just another hypnotic. If your drug is not a ‘traditional’ hypnotic why conduct a trial designed to develop another ‘traditional’ hypnotic only for your drug to fail?


If you want to do what is best for your drug rather than for your advisory board’s ego or bank balance then contact me:




If you are a novelist using sleep in you book and you would like an expert to check your ideas for scientific accuracy or you want any sleep related advice please contact me:

“...for Sleepe is that golden chaine that ties health and our bodies together”                                               Thomas Dekker 1609

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