I am Dr Neil Stanley, an independent freelance sleep expert. I have been involved in sleep research for more than 35 years. I started my career at the Neurosciences Division of the R.A.F. Institute of Aviation Medicine where I worked for nearly 10 years. I then moved to the Human Psychopharmacology Research Unit (HPRU), part of the University of Surrey, where as Director of Sleep Research, I created and ran a 24 bed sleep laboratory designed for clinical trials. I now spend most of my time travelling the UK and abroad lecturing on various aspects of sleep to healthcare professionals, companies and members of the public. I received my PhD from the University of Surrey on the basis of my published works in 2004 I have published 38 peer-review papers on various aspects of sleep research and psychopharmacology. I am widely quoted by the UK and international media as a sleep expert. Professional Membership: European Sleep Research Society American Academy of Sleep Medicine British Sleep Society (Chairman 2000-2004, Committee member 1998-2000) European Society of Sleep Technologists. In addition to setting up a clinical sleep service at the HPRU, I was also involved, on a freelance basis, in the setting up and development of the sleep service at The London Clinic. I was a member of the Executive Committee of the Assembly of National Sleep societies (2004 to 2009) and through that I am co-author of the Guidelines for Accreditation of Sleep Medicine Centres1; Guidelines for Sleep Medicine Education in Europe2 and Standard procedures for Adult Sleep Medicine3
Dr Neil Stanley Independent Sleep Expert

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